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The Indian government is always looking to hire dynamic, well-educated individuals who are committed to the betterment of society. Government jobs have various advantages including job security, pension, financial stability. The Indian government hires people from all walks of life for different types of govt jobs in various departments like ECHS. As of 22-06-2024, there are 157 latest government jobs available from 1120 recruitment organizations to apply. In this article we have given the list of latest govt jobs recruitment notification. We will also give you brief information about their job description, eligibility criteria, pay scales, educational requirements. You can apply for any government job that interests you and fulfill your dream while serving your nation at the same time!

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ECHSOfficer in Charge, Gynecologists, Medical Specialist, Medical Officer - 157 jobsMasters/Post-Graduation , Graduation/Diploma , 12th , 10th , Below 10th , Medical-MS/MD , B.Sc , Diploma , B.Pharma , BDS , MBBS , DNB , GNM25 Mar 2024Apply Now

Jobs in the Government sector are the backbone of the Indian economy. Govt jobs are one of the most stable and lucrative career choices a person can make. The Indian Government is the largest employer in the world with over 4 million employees. They offer a lot of benefits, stability and growth opportunities. The government hires employees for a variety of positions, but most government jobs require an extensive degree in a specialized field. Government jobs are a big part of the labor market that is expanding every day. Current government jobs include opportunities in the military, federal government, state governments, and local governments. Jobs can be found at all levels of government including law enforcement, criminal investigations, public safety, public health, social welfare services and more. India is one of the few countries in the world which is 100% functional on a democratic basis. The government jobs in India are not only very lucrative but also come with a lot of benefits and perks.

For any job seeker, it is natural to be looking out for government jobs. The government sector is one of the most stable options when it comes to employment. The other reason why people opt for government jobs is that they are well-paid and provide excellent benefits. There are many options in the central govt sector while there are also state level, municipal and local govt jobs that you can apply for.

Government jobs are safe and secure. So what are they? Government jobs refer to the government’s workforce, which includes civil servants and employees of state-owned enterprises. These jobs differ from private sector jobs in that most government employees have a set salary and benefits, and do not need to worry about whether or not their company will go bankrupt, or if they will be laid off at any moment.

Government has always been a lucrative career option for many people. They provide stability, security, and good salaries. But it is not easy to get the job. Here are some tips on how to land a govt job.


Since decades, youngsters prefer getting a job in a government sector and elders suggest to get a government job. The positive attributes of a state or a central government job includes a good salary, minimum work pressure, job security and other benefits.

Government jobs always have the benefits that a private sector cannot offer. So, generally middle class tends more towards grabbing a job offer in government sector and gets their career settled.

One prefers government job over a private one due to job security. Government job always offers job security whereas in private jobs, it would not be there. The chances of losing a government job is very unlikely, that would not happen unless the employee commits some sort of crime.

The main advantage with sarkari jobs is that they have decent and standard working hours unlike private jobs. Employers in private sector expect their employees to work over time without any additional benefits. The job timings are also too vague and long.

The main difference between government and private jobs comes in the section of work stress. Private jobs generally stresses out their employees with over burden and targets. But on the contrary government jobs are cool and they do not stress out their employees. Sarkar jobs provide the best time frame to finish the work in a feasible manner.

Promotions aspect is also good in government jobs. Basically, the one who works better and the service period decides their promotions. But other factors also affect this promotions and that is one of the drawback in public sector jobs.

One more crucial factor while choosing a job is salary, and government jobs have a decent pay structure. Earlier private sector employees used to earn more, but after the latest pay commission revisions the government employees started earning better than in private companies. The increments offered by the government is also inevitable. There will be a constant increase in the salary irrespective of your performance unlike increments in private jobs where your increments depends on your performance and your boss. Nonetheless, if you are an average performer also, that would be great. This is one of the other benefits offered by government jobs.

As compared to private sector jobs, public sector offers better benefits and perks. Many government jobs have perks such as retirement benefits, medical or health insurance, pension plans, housing or personal loans, child care, etc. In some jobs they even give job to any of the family member if their employee dies during the service period. Some private companies have also started offering such perks and benefits to their employees recently but the retirement is a very crucial factor that exists in only government jobs on the current date. Above all these factors government job also brings an individual respect society. Being a government employee brings you power and position and that makes people give you the respect you deserve.

Overall, all these benefits offered by government jobs are the main reasons why everyone prefers government jobs over the private ones. Nonetheless, this should be purely an individual’s decision to choose their career that can give them job satisfaction.


Now we all know the perks and advantages in a government job, we also know why we prefer working in a public sector company over a private sector one. But now the question arises, which department to choose and how to prepare for that particular department. Here we tried to include all those details so you will get an idea about several departments and you can choose the one that suites you best and you can start with your preparation.

The list of different government jobs in our country are:

Public Sector Undertakings:

Companies that comes under Public Sector Undertakings are Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Hindustal Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPC), Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Coal India Limited, Power Finance Corporation Limited, etc. They have wide range of sub categories such as Navratnas, Miniratnas, Maharatnas. Companies are sorted into these sub categories based on different aspects like company turnover, number of employees, etc. Joining in PSU’s is a very good option since they provide many additional benefits along with a very good pay. The work pressure at PSU’s is also not much in this sector. They recruit people mainly engineers with undergraduate, and post graduate candidates based on their GATE score followed by an interview. For other positions they recruit through different competitive examinations.

State Public Service Commission:

The State Public Service Commissions (SSC) jobs are almost similar to the employment offered by civil services. They conduct PSC exams according to their states and recruit candidates for several administrative positions. Every state has their own public service commission such as Bihar public service commission, Uttar Pradesh public service commission, Telangana public service commission, etc. They generally recruit for a wide variety of positions for people from all education levels. The pay offered by them is quite well and the additional benefits are also very attractive.

Civil Services:

Getting a job in civil services is the dream of many youngsters in India. Also this is the most reputed jobs in our country and also it’s the best paid government jobs. It is highly respected and prestigious to be a part of services like Indian Police Service - IPS, Indian Administrative Service - IAS and Indian Foreign Service - IFS. This civil services exams are held every year and thousands of students take coaching online and offline, preparing for civil examinations. These exams are considered to be the toughest exam in our country. Very dedicated preparation is needed to crack this exam and it is generally suggested to take coaching for preparation.

Faculty positions in government universities:

To get a job as an assistant professor, or associate professor or as a professor, doctorate degree is compulsory. If you are a Ph.D. holder by any chance, then grabbing an offer as a professor is the best option available for you out there. For other faculty positions, clear UGC NET exams (conducted in June and December of every year) after your post graduation and then you are ready to grab an offer. The salaries are pretty decent, the work load would be less and the best part of being a faculty is that the holidays would be more.

Bank jobs:

More than half percent of any degree holder aims to get a bank job these days. So it became the most wanted job in India. The minimum qualification required to attempt the banking exams is to have a valid degree in any department with minimum knowledge in computers. So every degree holder is an eligible candidate and that is the reason this is the most preferred sector to get a job by youngsters in the country. IBPS conducts and recruits the candidates every year for all the government bank jobs for various positions.


Getting a job as a doctor in government hospitals is highly reputed and this is one of the genuine chance for any individual to serve the needy. The salaries for government doctors are very good and the work timings are very flexible and are for a short duration. Anyways the demand for doctors is very high these days both in private sector as well as public hospitals.

Indian Defence services:

Indian army, Indian navy and Indian coast guard comes under the defence services. If you wish to serve your country this is the best thing one can do. Along with the satisfaction of serving the country it is a very reputable and very well paid job. They also get additional benefits such as medical facilities, accommodation, etc.

Insurance sector:

LIC, GIC and other similar insurance companies are government ones in India. They pay well to their employees and they have additional perks and benefits. They recruit for various positions such as managers, SO, ADO, AAO, etc. they recruit candidates every year and the basic education qualification required for these posts is a valid university degree.

Research positions - Scientists:

There are several government organizations in India that do research on different fields like defence, agriculture, medical, space research etc. so there would be a wide range of opportunities if you are interested in research and development field. Irrespective of your specialization and department you would be able to find jobs in your core field but the competition would be high, so preplanning and preparation would be necessary to get jobs in this field.

Railway department:

People with engineering background would get job in railway department if you prepare well. You can become a railway engineer with proper guidance and knowledge. The additional perks with this field is that you will get free travelling, good pay, proper residence near the job location, etc.


According to 2017 statistics for government jobs in India. Only 3.75 percent of people were employed in government jobs, 3.54 percentage were employed in private sector jobs, 42 percent of people are in agriculture sector, the rest 50 percentage are either unemployed or work on part time daily wages. Observing the date gives a clear picture that very few are employed in both government and private jobs. The unemployment rate is very high in India and there is a definite need to establish sources that can provide improve the employment rate. Nevertheless these statistics should not hold anyone back, instead this should inspire one towards working harder to grab a job for themselves.


Central government jobs constitute of around 14 percent and the rest 86 percent are in state government jobs. Both the state government and central government jobs have their positive and negative attributes. Both the departments have their differences in terms of rules and regulations, as well as pay scale, bonuses, medical facilities, gratuity, and other perks. The decision to choose which one is better would be totally an individual’s choice. But the basic pay structure is mostly similar in both, so it would not make much difference.